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Preparing for your medical visit to Raipur IVF, India

Medical Tourism in India- Important Facts

Benefits and Support for Medical Tourists in India.

Medical treatment is available in India at an affordable price at the various infertility clinics which specialise in offering a wide range of infertility treatment programs under a single umbrella. The various infertility clinics in India are famous for innovation, integrity, medical as well as technical excellence. They provide personalised service, show a keen willingness to accept patients even with the most difficult and challenging conditions. There is a uniform goal of helping couples to build a healthy family as efficiently, quickly and in a cost effective manner.

Treatment is performed under the supervision of experienced infertility doctors and their highly qualified and dedicated team. They work with a mission to turn dreams into reality. International patients seeking ART and other treatments in India are treated to a pool of expertise and skills of board certified doctors, consultants as well as surgeons.

Trends of Medical Tourism in India

India is fast becoming an international destination in medical tourism. Medical tourism in India is a 1200 crores industry and  growing  at an average rate of 20%. The various infertility clinics specialise in offering a wide range of infertility treatment programs under a single umbrella. Famous for innovation, integrity, medical as well as technical excellence, they provide personalised service, show a keen willingness to accept patients even with the most difficult and challenging conditions.

India is well equipped to offer state of art services and infrastructure. Latest technology is used. India has a great advantage not only in terms of cost which is one tenth of UK, US and one fifth as compared to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore etc but also its latest technology combined with the availability of English speaking doctors and paramedical staff.

Foreign patients coming to India for treatment contributed 15% of corporate hospitals total earnings by 2009 which was 9% earlier. This has been growing up steadily and it is 1200 crores industry which is growing  at an average rate of 20%. Survey reports by MC Kinsey has estimated Indian medical tourism to yield around $2.2 billion a year.

International patients seeking fertility and surrogacy treatment at India are treated to a pool of expertise and skills of board certified doctors, consultants as well as surgeons.The cost of IVF treatment in India is one fourth the cost of IVF in US clinics.

Infertility Treatment at Pahlajani

Infertility related issues and challenges are growing and requires proper treatment. At the Pahlajani test tube baby centre, Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani is an experienced infertility specialist who offers patients a combination of excellent clinical expertise, strong experience and warm personal care. Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani and her team are amongst the most experienced IVF- surrogacy providers in India with high success rates. The success rates are excellent with 75% of donor eggs/ surrogacy clients achieveing pregnancy on their first try. In the second try, usually 90% of the clients achieve positive results and there are very few clients who need to try for a third time. The rate of miscarriage is lower than national and international averages.

 Preparations for Travel.

Pack medications in their original, clearly labelled containers. A signed and dated letter from your physician describing your medical conditions and medications, including generic names, is very useful. If carrying syringes or needles, be sure to have a physician’s letter documenting their medical necessity. If you have a heart condition, bring a copy of your ECG taken just prior to travelling.

If you take any regular medication, bring double your ordinary needs in case of loss or theft. You’ll be able to buy many medications over the counter in India without a doctor’s prescription, but it can be difficult to find some of the newer drugs, particularly the latest antidepressant drugs, blood pressure medications and contraceptive pills.

 Period of Stay At Rapiur for IVF

Coming to Raipur ( chattisgarh India) is extremely easy. Raipur is the capital of chattisgarh and has its own international airport.

Your husband can accompany you or you may also carry his frozen sperm with you. You need to borrow a dry shipper from your local fertility clinic or you may carry it in a dry ice box packed with dry ice. Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Centre is very well known and in the heart of city. It is a 15 minutes ride from the airport.

IVF treatment is done on a day care basis so hospitalization is not required. There are many hotels nearby and we can help you arrange accommodation in close proximity to the clinic. Only 4-6 visits are required to the clinic during the entire cycle and after the embryo transfer, one can travel back home.

However when you buy tickets, please make sure these are flexible tickets. Eggs can grow at variable rates and hence it is important to have some flexibility in the travel plans to allow for this biological variability.

More than 50% of the patients at Raipur IVf centre come for the IVF treatment from out of Raipur out of which 25% are overseas patients. Hence we have good experience in meeting your special needs and requirements. To make the process as easy as possible we have developed process that help you ininteracting with us over email. All your preliminary testing and care can be down by your own doctor in your local place. Hence with a proper plan in place, one needs to only spend around 10-20 days at our clinic to complete an IVF cycle.

 Your time in Raipur- Tourism around Raipur IVF

Most clients make the trip so they can experience all that Raipur has to offer. Travelling for IVF can be a very stressful experience in itself. Getting ready for IVF can be vey stressful as it involves a lot of activities which need to be done in advance. At Raipur there are various ways by which you can reduce your stress as there are lot of options for sightseeing. This helps in many ways as you would think and worry less about the cycle than what you had done had you been at home or working.

Incredible chattisgarh as it is often referred is a beautiful and majestic place. You will be awe struck with the richness and charisma of the arts and crafts of Chattisgarh, India. Well connected by road, train and air, Raipur has a rich historical culture.

For more details, on tourism in Raipur, you can visit the link :

 How to get started

Tourist Visa to India . Every foreigner needs to have a VISA approval from the Indian High Commissioner in the respective country. You can directly go to the Indian Embassy and apply for the Indian VISA. There are some private  processing agencies as well.

Tourist VISA Requirements

1.Passport requirement. Orignal signed passport valid from six months of day of application.

2. Indian VISA Application form. One VISA application form per application completed on line, printed and signed. Only on line applications are accepted and signature must be original.

3. Photo Requirements. Two recent 2x2 passport type photographs in color , front view and with a plain/ light background.

4. Other Forms. Address proof and birth certificate

5. Minors. VISA application to be signed by both the parents and a copy of both the parents’ signed passport need to be submittedalong with proof of address.

6. Letter of Request . A letter addressed to the Indian consulate seeking permission and highlighting the urgency of visit.

7. Special Instructions . Indians coming for treatment as well as their spouse and other family members must apply for an entry VISA and not tourist VISA.

8. Indian VISA validity. VISAS are usually valid for multiple entries for a period of 6 months or 5 years based on the fee paid.

9. Indian VISA processing time . VISAS are usually processed in five business days. Faster processing may be available with additional charges.

Conditions for Medical VISA to India

The following are the conditions for  medical VISA to India :

  1. The Indian missions abroad may scutunise the medical documents very carefully and satisfy themselves about the bonafide purpose for which medica VISA treatment is being requested.
  2. Missions will check that the applicant has sought preliminary medical advice from his own country and that he has ben adviced to go for specialized medical treatment.
  3. Attendant/ family members coming for medical visa shall be granted “M VISA”.
  4. Medical VISA is only given for treatment in reputed/ recognized hospitals in India. Up to two attendants are allowed to accompany the applicant under separate medical attendant VISAS. Their VISA validity will be the same as the medical VISA.

For more details you may refer to the link :

Contact Details of Raipur IVF Centre

We will glad to help you.  Please contact us at :

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