The growth of surrogacy services is phenomenal in India since the past 5- 10 years. Hence, people abroad flock to India to make their hard dream of parenthood comes true. Statistics reveal that Indian Surrogacy clinics have handled 1000 successful surrogacy procedures for the over seas couple in 2010. This clearly indicates that India is favoured by the people abroad to opt for surrogacy procedure.  India, being a vast country where people from several ethnic cultures live together, this is one of the reason why people favour India for surrogacy. One get wide variety of genes to develop a healthy people and have can select the best ethnic gene available from wide variety of choices. For e.g., An American prefers to have gene of Bengali scientist, she doesn't have to suffer much. The array of surrogacy hospitals around the nation makes the work done in a limited span.   Despite modernization, Indian women still hold on their traditional values and beliefs hence they are less vulnerable to drugs, alcohol and smoke. This increases the chance of developing a healthy baby. So the assurance in developing a healthy offspring leaves the people abroad with no choice to leave India.   Numerous hospitals have mushroomed in the metropolitan cities of India to deal with surrogacy procedures this provides comfort for the overseas couple. Less time is spend in identifying the good hospital besides this the cost of In-vitro fertilization is less compared to their home land. The staffs in the private hospitals that have good command over English which removes the communication gap and the surrogate mothers demand less price for carriage. These factors are sure to favour the overseas couple.   The surrogacy is laws are not stringent in India as compared to other developing nations, legal entanglements usually make it easy for the foreign couple to carry baby to their homeland.

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