Adoption and surrogacy are the two options to bring a child into the family. The desire for a genetic link and increasing desire of prospective parents to monitor the child's prenatal care and medical history has made surrogacy a more preferred option. The parents wanting a child through surrogacy need to go through a few steps, Locating the surrogacy clinic, Screening and working with an appropriate surrogate mother, Medically and psychologically examination of surrogate, Establishing a legal contract, and Finally transferring embryos to the surrogate's uterus and confirming the pregnancy.

For those parents who simply yearn for a child—genetically related or not—adoption can be both a compassionate and enriching experience. In fact, many parents choose adoption precisely so that they might provide a better family life not only for themselves, but also for the adopted child whose need, after all, is apparent. Below are the seven stages of adoption in India as defined by Central Adoption Resource Authority, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Registration Pre-adoption Counselling and Preparation of the PAP(s) Home Study and Other requirements Referral and Acceptance Pre-adoption foster care Legal Procedure Follow up visits and post-adoption services

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